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AK Info Institute is one of the best smart TV repairing institute in Patna. We provide smart TV repair courses with a latest method of teaching. These are courses conducted by an excellent teaching having more than 5 years of experience.
वर्तमान समय में Smart TV & Monitor की विक्री में काफी बढ़ोतरी हुई हैं। जो लगभग हर घर एवं ऑफिस की Basic जरुरत हो गई हैं। लेकिन लोगो को इसके खराब होने पर काफी कठिनाइयों का सामना करना पड़ रहा है , क्योंकी मार्केट में इसके अच्छे Technician नहीं है। जिस कारन इस क्षेत्र में अच्छे भविष्ये के साथ - साथ अच्छी कमाई भी हैं।

Our Features

We have developed our application in such a way so that you can easily get the best out of it.

Best Intructor

We know very well that a good teacher can make you successful. So, we chose the best instructor to train you and to help you learn more in less time.

Focus on Practical

We heard a lot of students and processed their demand as a feature in our course. We not only provide quality theorectical knowledge but also hands on experience in repairing.

Mobile Ready

Many of our technicians don't have access to laptops. So we have designed mobile friendly course. Now can learn anywhere from your phone. Isn't it exciting?

No Language barrier

We believe that there shouldn't be any barrier in the education. So removed the language barrier. We are providing content in several regional and international languages.

Support from Instructor

We know that only course can't fulfill the thirst of Knowledge. Some time you might face some issues. To solve that we are providing in-app community support. Which means you are not alone in learning, we will help you.

Get Rewarded

Learning could be more exciting if we get rewarded for our achivements. And we took care of it. We provide rewards in the form of coins to everyone who scores good.

Ever wondered that a TV repairing course will help you earn prompt money? Any person can climb the success ladder real quick if you excel at the art of gadget repairing course. With Led and smart TV being the most popular devices of the current decade, why not kick start your career with learning about this course? The recent fad of everyone owning a big screen and demand for HD quality videos is growing day by day. It is highly unlikely that these industries will face rescission owing to an ongoing pandemic or any other unseen factors. Therefore, somewhere down the line, these gadgets will encounter wear and tear. At this point, there ought to be a backup industry to assist people who are experiencing such problems with their Led or smart TVs. Our leading institution, AK Info Institute contributes to this backup industry. With our expertise and their assisting nature, you can be a part of this industry as well. AK Info Institute offers an exclusive TV repairing course with a detailed syllabus which you are free to tailor according to your know interest. There isn't any pre-requisite knowledge of or any eligibility criteria which you must fulfill to join our course. We believe in equal opportunity and hence, offer our unbiased services to our students. You can be 10th, 12th pass out or graduated or have no certificates or degree at all. AK Info Institute will make sure when you have completed our course, you have given knowledge and certificate which will help you to become a 'Self- made person' in this world.
Our teachers will provide you adequate guidance online on both the theoretical and practical aspects of TV repairing subjects. Moreover, we don't take any registration fees, and the admission process is hassle-free. Our institute offers a given course at the most affordable prices. We accept payments in installments that will help you to manage your funds and be a part of our course even if you are on a tight budget.

Our syllabus for the course include:
  How to test and repair the blacklight problems?
  Led/Lcd panel repair and testing tips.
  Led/Lcd tv Dead problem solution step by step
  No sound problem solution
  Video fluctuation error solution
  Vertical line problem solution of screen
  Horizontal line problems solution of all types of LCD and LED
  No video and audio issue
  Repairing all types of damage board of LCD and LED
  Solutions of hardware and software of LCD and LED
  How to use and fix the issue of universal board
  Shortcut and quick repairing tips
  Repairing the concept of all types of the TV with & without power supply
  Blacklight failure issue on the screen
  Tv repair with a jumper on board
  Color issue of screen
  HDMI port testing and its faults repairing
  USB port testing and repairing solutions
  Audio jack testing and error solutions
  Video in and video out port testing and faults repairing
  Voltage testing issue onboard like 12v, 5, 3.3v 2.5v, 1.2volts
  Auto power off problems of TV
  Video working but no audio and its solution
  Audio working but no video on screen
  Cof related problems and repairing solutions
  White screen problem and repairing
  Led/Lcd repair with schematics diagrams
 Among other issues

If you are still having second thoughts, then given us a call at 7004009069. We are recognized as the most trusted and experienced group in the domain of TV repairing course. We will be happy to assist you and introduce you to our online TV repairing course with personal guidance and counseling.

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